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H.S. 187 Intro WIP
    It had been many years since he stepped foot inside a high school. Filled with anxiety he pulled into the parking spot labeled with a sign that read "Reserved for Faculty Only" in black lettering with a stark white background. From the car speakers the beginning of Linkin Park's newest single, "New Divide," could be heard.  Steve sat in the car for a few moments listening to the rhythmic guitar in the background of his thoughts. "So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean." Steve switched off the engine.
     He looked out across the campus and noticed that many heads were turned to look in his direction. Maybe they were surprised to see a teacher that listened to Linkin Park, or maybe it was the car. As he got out of his 1969 midnight blue Shelby GT 350, he thought it was probably the car more than his choice of music. As he strode across the grass towards the door, on looking students had some difficulty i
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 0 3
Shadow of the Mind: 3a
     Captain James Jackov woke up feeling oddly refreshed on Saturday morning. Last week had been hell. He had to fire two of his best detectives for theft. Apparently on their last drug bust they forgot about the $500,000 they found in the walls of the guy's house. He had just finished the paperwork last night.
     Cap, as everyone called him now, got up and began to get ready to head in to the station. Cap, it was funny how he had gotten that nickname. First of all, he hated his last name. And God knows how much people had loved to use it from his years in middle school all the way through the academy. Even now people that didn't know him called him "Captain Jackoff." For a while he had asked people to call him Captain Jack. And then Johnny Depp had his blockbuster pirate movie come out and that was the end of that.
     A few years ago he had been reading Stephen King's Firestarter and liked the cha
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 1 4
Shadow of the Mind: 2
     The light snow that had fallen earlier that night made it easy to follow her. Being that it was this late, her footprints where the only ones visible in the snow. Even if there had been others it wouldn't have mattered. Tonight was not the first night he had followed Debra Robins home.
     For the passed week and a half he had been posing as a writer. He would come in at around eight o'clock and have a few cups of coffee as he wrote. It had been in this way that her learned her schedule. On Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday she left work at 10pm. On every other day she was there until midnight, like she had been on this snowy Friday night. In the time that he had been watching her, she had taken only one day off. That was last Sunday.
     She was a creature of habit, and that made her wonderfully predictable. Following about fifty yards behind her, he watched as Debra went in the the Dunkin Donuts t
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 0 2
Shadow of the Mind: 1
        She was beautiful. She wore her brunette hair shoulder length with blonde highlights. The light of the café seemed to blend the two colors into a warm auburn glow.
Her face was a bit on the pale side, probably from working in this dive all the time. She wore no visible make-up, yet her face still had a radiant glow. She was tired. He could tell by her fake smile that instantly disappeared once her back was to a table.
She went to the counter and wrote out her final bill of the night. She blew her bangs out of her eyes with a quick puff of air and looked at the clock. It was a quarter passed midnight. She took off her faded brown All night Café apron and hung it on the hook after first taking down her overcoat and purse.
Throwing on her overcoat she said goodnight to her co-workers. Slinging her purse over her shoulder, she turned and went out the front door.
He watched her through the large front window for a moment, drinking hi
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 0 0
You were my angel in black
My forbidden love attained
We had our good times
…pig-tails…cat ears
And we had our bad
And while our love may have faded
I cared for you still
We talked every now and then
Though it should have been more
When the news came,
It was already too late
You were gone forever
It was too late
I miss you and I want you to know
That you impacted my life greatly
And for that I thank you
I wish I had known…
I never got to say it…
…maybe you’ll hear me now
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 0 4
Fella Got Jarked by DarkKnight5204 Fella Got Jarked :icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 1 10 Viva La Jark by DarkKnight5204 Viva La Jark :icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 1 6
Mature content
H. S. 187 :icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 1 37
Fork in the Road
Two angels stand before him
One a forbidden love he cannot obtain
The other he fought so hard for,
Only to be disappointed.
His forbidden love, the angel in black,
A recent acquaintance, wants for him only to be happy
He asks himself "How can i be happy when i feel so guilty?"
She only wants him to be happy
His other love, the angel in white,
His long time friend and confidant
Only wants him to be happy
Sometimes he wonders "Why do i keep things from her?
Why can't i just tell her the truth"
He stands at a crossroads, not knowing where to turn
Thoughts run through his head constantly..what should i do
He stands at this fork in the road not knowing what to do
Their words run through his head
...i only want you to be happy....
just do what makes you happy...<i>
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 3 25
Beautiful Deceit
You try to fit in.
But I know the truth.
My beautiful butterfly,
To me you cannot lie.
Soon they shall see
Who you turn out to be
As i spin my web
You tell your intricate lies
You're time is running out
I'll expose you soon enough
Then they'll know your true colors
Your colors aren't as vibrant as they think
Finally you've made a mistake
You've flown into my web
As you lay dying
Your colors begn to run and fade
The paint has washed off
And now they see you're just a moth
A moth in my web. Who'll save you now?
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 1 58
Repitition of Mistakes
You've done it again
You've weakened my defenses
And rekindled the flame
Why do I let you do this to me?
Summer's over
And like a raging fire
Feelings surge back to me
Why do I repeat my mistakes?
Twice I've been stricken
Now I proceed with caution
And tell myself it will be different
Will it?
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 2 58
Kids These Days
Take me away
To another day
I don't want this
I can't stand this
Set me free
From this negativity
What're my problems?
Why can't I solve them?
What's my plague?
I find the details vague.   
For a while
You think I'm suicidal
But soon you'll see
There's something more for me
I don't feel ignored
I'm just bored
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 0 9
Mature content
Society Sucks :icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 1 22
Mature content
Jack's First Case: Chapter 1 :icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 2 49
Late at night I lay awake
Staring into the darkness
I lay there…an empty shell
Lost in my thoughts
Wandering the caves
Deep inside my mind
Darkness waiting
Behind every corner
Late at night It stalks me
As I wander the caverns
Deep inside the intricacies of my mind
It lurks in the shadows
Following my every move
It waits for me every night
Just around every corner
Always slipping out of sight
It's watching and waiting
Always I'm contemplating
Just giving up and letting It take me
It is my friend, It is my fear
It is the only thing I'm near
Soon It will take me, What is It?
It draws near as I stand here
I will confront this demon of mine
Will I survive?
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 0 16
Standing on the edge of a cliff
Staring into the vast nothingness
Can't seem to find the answers I seek
Feeling lost and confused
Should I give up or do I go on?
Again the answers elude me
I feel like this won't go away
No matter how hard I try to
Forget the pain locked away
Deep inside where it hides
The harder I try the stronger it gets
My mind dwells on it for all time
I stand here and empty shell
On the edge of a knife
To go one way or the other
Which is best for me?
Which is better for everyone else?
Why can't I find the answers…
To the questions that plague my mind?
:icondarkknight5204:DarkKnight5204 0 18

Random Favourites

Draconis by ViperPrincess Draconis :iconviperprincess:ViperPrincess 2 9
The Quest
In a world where shadow's roam
Where the past has found it's home
With reprieve for ghost's of yore
Set in the stone, a glaring door
Locked within the Catacomb…
Within this tomb, horrors dwell
Demonic specters, Spawn of hell
Guarding life, exuding Doom
Trapped within this bloodied room
Where countless hero's fought and fell…
Behind the stones, your secrets live
Find the past, you must relive.
Evils of a Life unknown,
Unceasing cold, Chilling bone
Fight your past, you must forgive…
Follow the path, You'll find the way
Feel the Dawn, The Coming Day
Your sun will shine, the moon will rest
Your soul stands true, above the best
Braved through you have, You'll not betray…
Join the angels, young and old
Standing proud in hall of gold
Battle's won, the judgment's passed
You've stood true, your strength steadfast
Embrace your light, you beat their cold.
:iconallmoogledout:AllMoogledOut 2 24
She Turned Off the Sky
I knew this girl,
who liked the dark.
She always wore black,
but she wasn't depressed.
She wasn't a goth,
a punk,
or distressed.
She loved going outside,
At night was the best,
Creatures were alive,
Everyone else was at rest.
But one night she was out,
and she felt it too bright.
She looked up to the sky,
and saw all this light.
Now, this girl that I knew,
wasn't one to sit back
and complain about what should be.
As she stared up above,
She said to herself,
"I'll change this"
So she did.
She started the next night
on that bright, bright night,
and started climbing the trees.
She climbed, and she climbed,
and scratched up her knees.
And on her way up,
she met some new friends,
A family of owls
Who had started her trend
of staying up all night and loving the dark.
But anyway, back to my story.
When this girl got to the top
She had run out of tree,
but as she looked all around,
Stars were all she could see.
Stars and the giant full moon, of course.
She sat for awhile
and looked out afar,
:iconlightningstrikes:LightningStrikes 4 24
dark dark so dark by Wen-M dark dark so dark :iconwen-m:Wen-M 2,402 247 Sketch of Uriel by Wen-M Sketch of Uriel :iconwen-m:Wen-M 1,325 218 The Dark knight by Wen-M The Dark knight :iconwen-m:Wen-M 685 152
A Public Conspiracy.
everybody shut up and listen,
this train wont stop 'till i find truth.
hypocrisy rises, friends split ways,
take sides! take face! take life! take place!
'the final shred of me was replaced'
by the jury, relocated, autopsy of the case.
fuck, this train wont stop soon.
a public conspiracy, the gun in his desk,
like maggits tearing through, eating away at your flesh,
the gun in his desk, the gun in his desk...
dont loose track, this gun wont sleep tonight.
but the tracks are loosening, the trains derailed,
knives downtown, to you these letters mailed,
they read: with some red, we will avenge,
we will rebuild, we can fight again.
until death, keep marching, and at death only stop.
im sorry this is a folly, why's your head's put up?
just take sides, take face, take life, take place,
take my friends, take it away,
make, for me, another unsaid hear-say.
please make, for me, a public conspiracy.
:iconminusblindfold:minusblindfold 7 34 by raccoonlady :iconraccoonlady:raccoonlady 4 59
i hate it that your perfect
Theres a drug they call perfection
its gonna kill us all
the side affect are damaging
and its sure to make you fall
It can make you feel so wonderful
so content and secre
but when its gone you just left wanting more
i found it once
i found it in your laugh, your eyes, your smile
i took a hit
now im going through withdrawl
this cant be good for my health
it cant be good for my heart
but i cant blame myself
so i say its all your fault
cuz your perfect
your so damn perfect
i cant get over you
and ive got hundreds of thousands
miles worth of reasons
why i have too
theres a drug called perfection
-and its gonna kill us all-
:icondangerouslycheezy:DangerouslyCheezy 6 19
Mirror Mirror
Its disappointment
Its not pretty
Its imperfection
Its you
Mirror, mirror make it go away
Pick apart the pieces
Everything you don't like
Pick it apart
UnTil theres nothing left
Mirror mirror make it go away
They lie
And they tell you
Your "beautiful"
Mirror mirror, let me see what they do
Until we realize
That "those who mind don't matter
And those who matter don't mind"

That mirror mirror on the wall
will leave you in pieces
will lead to your fall.
mirror mirror i hate you
:icondangerouslycheezy:DangerouslyCheezy 2 13
leigh as faery of flames by Wen-M leigh as faery of flames :iconwen-m:Wen-M 3,903 698 Depher by Wen-M Depher :iconwen-m:Wen-M 90 62 dA4 promo Directors Cut by keiross dA4 promo Directors Cut :iconkeiross:keiross 375 300
dream on
What do you do when your fairytales are enemies?
giving false hope
built to mislead
dream of perfection
dream of having it all
and with the birth of suns rays
you wake...and you fall
dream of how it should be
dream of how youd like to make it
dream of all your hopeless hopes
and your empty aspirations
.dream on.
it all looks so good behind closed eyes
but when you awake
where can you hide
you can pray no to wake
or for the sun not to rise
but reality comes falling with the calling of an alarm
dream of memories
dream of times you want back
dream of fictional futures
and the times you cant have
.d r e a m o n.
:icondangerouslycheezy:DangerouslyCheezy 2 8



United States
Current Residence: Town of Friendly people (HA)
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Metal & Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: If it makes me stop and look closer....I like it
Operating System: Anything but Vista
MP3 player of choice: i'm still using a CD player
Favourite cartoon character: Link of the Zelda Series
Personal Quote: "If you want to send a message, try Western Union" - Hemingway
  • Listening to: All kinds of heavy metal
  • Reading: Work related materials
  • Drinking: Diet coke......with the occasional splash of rum
Ok, want to piss me off? Change my avatar to reflect something I dislike greatly. dA, seriously? Why is my avatar changed from the one I've had for the last five years to that of a shirtless Taylor Lautner. I don't even like Twilight. And if I had to choose between Team Jacob and Team Edward? Sorry, I'm a vampire person...even if it is a wimpy vampire.


I don't know that I could find the old one again...

EDIT: Just saw the date....and realized what's going on. Not cool dA...not cool at all


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